Diwali Sparks Online Sales

  • 27 September 2017 KnowGlobal

Often when you are busy doing business as usual, national holidays and celebrations can be an afterthought, in particular international sellers find themselves losing out, perhaps due to lack of knowledge of culture or national traditions.

Non-local sellers are often late or don’t show up to take advantage of the opportunities the celebratory seasons bring. Many celebrations are being recognised all over the world, and with traditions adapting over time, the importance of knowing your customer base is critical, now more than ever.

The Festival of Light

The Economic Times in India explains the retail festive season peaks in October with Diwali and is carried through until Christmas time. Diwali is known as the festival of lights and celebrated mid-October this year, but the preparations for the festival start well before, with gifts to be purchased and outfits to be chosen, it’s no wonder that so many retailers run promotions in the time leading up to the festival.

One early adopter of the festive season if Flipkart who are expecting to double their visitors from last year (whilst maintaining the same marketing budget!!!) for their Big Billion Days which kicks things off for the marketplace giant mid-September.

Exchanging gifts has been a longstanding tradition of the Diwali Celebrations, in recent years however, as disposable income has increased the gifts have become more elaborate. Diwali now see’s individuals exchange electronic gadgets, jewellery, and much more to their closest friends, family, neighbours, and work colleagues; alongside some traditional gifts, sweets, and hampers.

Flipkart explained that Diwali is such a huge celebration which brings all the family together that people start to plan and purchase their outfits well in advance (September should be a good month for clothing retailers!) which may result in their reasoning for hosting their Big Billion Days during this month.

Is Diwali really going to affect my business?

Yes! It’s celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across India, Nepal and internationally. If you’re not already selling into India, you may just want to think about the exciting opportunities it could bring for your business and plan to start selling there soon – you can see our blog here on why India is a great option for UK sellers! If you’re UK based, Diwali is likely to still have an impact on your sales, Leicester hosts the largest Diwali celebrations in the world (Business Insider), outside of India, so there is definitely great sales potential in the UK too.

What should I be doing?

In both instances, it’s important to think of any promotions or offers you might like to offer to celebrating customers, different audiences respond better to discount vouchers, and others to free gifts or free delivery. Whether you want to offer free next day delivery in the week before Diwali or 10% off all gift products, what’s really important is that your customers can see your recognition of the celebration. International marketplaces, including Flipkart and Myntra, will always promote celebrations such as Diwali themselves, which is a great reason to use marketplaces to grow your business internationally, they’ll be the cultural guide for you, alongside all the additional benefits of listing on marketplaces too! If you’re interested in knowing more about the opportunities of selling in India, or would like some advice please contact our team today.

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