Increasing Buyer Confidence Thanks to Ebay’s Newest Feature

  • 28 August 2017 KnowGlobal

eBay’s set to release its newest feature, eBay Authenticate TM this autumn & it looks to be a win-win solution to online shopping worldwide!

Retail both online and off has changed drastically since eBay entered our lives in 1995

The major online marketplace has provided a new way of shopping for customers, hosting a platform for individuals and businesses to buy and sell online all together. Marketplaces, whether that be eBay or others, are great for businesses because they provide instant access to a large preexisting customer base, meaning that sellers can easily test new markets and products using relatively low resource.

Understanding all users, buyers & sellers

Showing to understand its users completely, eBay’s newest feature aims to fight the concerns of buyers when it comes to authenticity of branded goods. This feature probably comes in light of trying to reduce the number of cases held in eBay’s resolution centre, a process likely to consume resources and open the marketplace to customer service issues. Currently, if a buyer suspects a counterfeit good they should first attempt to resolve themselves; following this the buyer must contact the resolution centre whereby if after 8 days the seller has not resolved the issue, buyers using PayPal are protected via eBay’s money back guarantee.

Overall when initially trying purchasing online, customers tend to generally have increased buyer confidence when shopping using trusted online marketplaces than never before used websites, thanks to clear policies such as those mentioned above and more secured, trusted payments solutions (Miles, 2017). Although when it comes to top end brands, mass amounts of counterfeit products diluting the market start to decrease consumer confidence in this sector, sellers then begin to fall short when attempting to reach top purchase price potential.

Only for Handbags… For now

Initially only available on handbags, the eBay AuthenticateTM service provides sellers with the option to opt-in to the service (for a competitive fee) which will mean that once an item is sold it will be authenticated by a representative of eBay. Once passed the product will be shipped to the customer, should the customer then discover the item to be inauthentic eBay promises to provide the buyer with a refund twice the amount of the cost of the item.

This service includes a message in the seller’s listing on the products using the new service, it is hoped that the message will improve confidence in the seller as a whole, as currently the service is only available to high end fashion products, clothing retailers selling a range of goods will benefit from trust increase throughout their full eBay store.

If sellers do not opt-in to this service, buyers can (for a competitive fee) take advantage of the authenticating service too, for those products which claim to be authentic branded or vintage goods. The service does cause a delay between purchasing date and delivery date, as the goods will be authenticated between these points, but eBay believes this is a small price to pay on a top-end brand to avoid the disappointment of receiving a knock-off.

What does this mean for online selling in general?

eBay’s marketplace will hopefully see a reduction in the number of fakes or inauthentic goods being sold as ‘real’ products, stopping top quality sellers from having their products diluted by lower priced fakes, and showing purchasers the difference between real, top quality goods and lower priced alternatives.

Thanks to this increase in trust of purchases, buyer confidence will increase meaning purchasers are more likely to be willing to spend more on these top end items. Hopefully following in eBay’s footsteps other online marketplaces and online solution providers will encourage a similar service, allowing seller’s throughout all marketplaces to achieve sales prices more suited to the items sold.

Overall this new service is a step in the right direction for increased confidence and trust between sellers, buyers and marketplaces. For retailers selling top end brands, this new feature drives optimism for marketplace selling, be that for a new route for out of season stock or to test a new, experimental fashion line. So whether you sell on marketplaces currently or never have, this authenticate service shows just one of the ever increasing opportunities for online selling internationally.

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