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India’s M-Commerce Revolution

When walking around the busy streets of Bangalore it’s difficult not to notice the abundance of smartphones across all generations of the population. This popularity is perhaps due to the simplicity of one-touch access to thousands of tool including torches, calculators, and payment applications making mobiles the modern day “Swiss Army Knife” (Forbes, 2016). Mobile […]

Kolkata, India- November 14, 2015: Crowd of people near the New Market, Kolkata, india. New Market is an enclosed market located in Lindsay Street. The streets around the New Market are used to be an upscale shopping area

India’s Retail Reality: Where Sarees Meet Slogan Tees

What comes to mind when you think of India? A large population, fantastic cricket team, favourite food, what about its emerging retail sector? In May this year KnowGlobal set out on a 23 hour journey in order to explore India’s retail world as it stands today, to provide you with an insight into the competition, […]

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Global Expansion; Managing Exchange Rates

Selling in different currencies? It sounds like the stuff of nightmares, updating your product prices to fit exchange rates. But there are solutions to pricing using handy APIs and the help of online global payment providers. Some of the other challenges you’ll face might be a bit trickier, requiring the knowledge of experts. Let’s take […]

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App Marketing for International E-Commerce Apps

App marketing is relatively new – only as old as the mass-market smartphone age, in fact. It has recently taken on a more important role in digital marketing, with companies like Google offering powerful marketing tools for apps. So how can you market your international e-commerce app? First, You Need an App Not just any […]

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Made in Britain: A Premium Export Opportunity

Britain has an enviable reputation for quality manufacturing, making British branded goods highly desirable in e-commerce markets across much of the world. Not only is there demand for our British brands in international markets, but the Made in Britain label in fact attracts a premium price tag in many emerging markets. Exports are a powerful […]

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of European VAT

In the wake of Brexit, UK businesses are increasingly weary of what the UK’s trading relationship with the EU will look like going forward and are understandably cautious when looking to expand their business activities. However, with Article 50 (the process by which a member state may leave the EU) yet to be invoked, trading […]

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Indian Independence Day: A Celebratory Boost to E-commerce Sales

This month sees India celebrate its 70th Independence Day! To commemorate, the government plans a fortnight long bash from the 9th August, where people will pay homage to their leaders and those who fought for India’s freedom. Government buildings are illuminated with strings of light and tricolour flutters from homes and other buildings. However, the […]


The Games Begin: Taking a Deep Dive into E-commerce in Brazil

With consumers worldwide soaking up the start of the Olympic action this week, retailers are getting savvy with their marketing campaigns to capitalise on the excitement and patriotism that accompanies the games. In what is normally a weaker month for e-commerce sales, retailers can expect to see consumers getting into the spirit of things with […]

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Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform for Your International Expansion

When you’re looking to expand your e-commerce channel to new markets, it is critical that the platform on which your sites are based is able to deliver the needs of your company, not only now, but also in the future. With a wealth of platforms to choose from, including; Magento, Demandware, Hybris, Oracle ATG, IBM […]

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How Can Retailers Profit from Brexit’s Falling Pound?

The result of last months’ EU referendum saw the financial markets take a stumble and the British pound plummet to a 31 year low. Now a month on, with the post-Brexit dust beginning to settle, a new Prime Minister and fresh cabinet in place, the British pound has begun to stabilise at around £1 to […]