Receiving payment from your customers

UK consumers spend the most per head online in all of Europe, so failing to recognise and provide for the payments options familiar to UK shoppers can cost an e-retailer considerably.

Country Sales per shopper 2014 Sales per shopper 2015
The UK $1,667 $1,827
Germany $1,385 $1,592
France $1,194 $1,318
Spain $713 $777
Italy $691 $755
The Netherlands $954 $1,032
Sweden $839 $915
Poland $282 $312
Europe $1,149 $1,276


Online payment preference in the UK %



  • Credit card is the most popular online payment method amongst UK consumers across all channels, and just over 31 million people in this location own one – about 60% of the UK adult population.
  • Meanwhile, 91% of UK adults – or 48.5 million people – hold at least one debit card.
  • There are 23 million PayPal accounts in the UK.
  • For a foreign retailer to directly accept UK card payments, a local entity should be established. Alternatively, contracting with a payment service provider that provides a local/UK banking relationship can overcome this particular hurdle.


UK Retail M-Commerce Sales, 2011-2019


  • The UK is one of the world’s foremost countries when it comes to mobile payments.
  • By 2019 it is anticipated that mobile will account for 42.6% of online payments in the UK.
  • Almost half (42%) of all mobile users in the UK (up from 26% in 2013) are now routinely making payments via mobile devices.
    8/10 consumers express some concern about mobile payments services, with the most common worries surrounding security (57%) and privacy (48%).

Other areas of interest

Meeting your regulatory responsibilities

The legislation and tax applicable to you when selling to UK consumers will vary depending on whether you are an EU entity or operating outside of the Union.

Reaching and engaging your consumers

Mobile devices now account for over 50% of all traffic to UK e-retail sites, so optimising for this channel is key.

Getting the goods to your customers

The UK's logistics infrastructure is well developed and relatively straight-forward to negotiate.

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